Frequently Asked Questions

How is Save Wave Energy different from a utility?

Save Wave Energy serves as multi-state licensed ABC (Aggregator, Broker, Consultant) providing competitive options on electric power and natural gas to commercial, industrial and residential customers through our licensed and vetted suppliers, presenting clients with a cost efficient and quality solution. In conjunction with providing customers pricing options, Save Wave Energy offers a number of additional services to help save costs and increase energy efficiency.

How can I benefit from working with a Save Wave Energy Consultant?

Save Wave Energy allows you to take control of your energy costs. We will analyze your current energy requirements, review current market conditions, and obtain multiple supply options on your behalf. The bidding competition between suppliers allows us to obtain the most economical supply of energy available. Adhering to your specific requirements, we utilize multiple pricing options and our understanding of the market to provide our clients with the best value possible.

Will the utility provide me with lesser service if I choose another supplier?

No, the utility treats all customers equally, regardless of their supplier selection. The utility continues to maintain and operate the distribution system to all customers. There is no change in the delivery process for distribution of the power to your facilities.

How do I work with Save Wave Energy?

Dial 888-487-5530 or click here.

What information needs to be provided to get a price quote from Save Wave Energy?

All we need is a copy of your utility bill and your contact information to get the process started.

When will my new service with the Suppliers begin?

The switch date coincides with a regularly scheduled utility meter read cycle date, and will be identified in the service agreement we include in our final proposal.

Will I still get a monthly bill from the utility?

This varies depending on your utility and the supplier that wins your bid. In most cases, you will only receive one bill. In instances where you receive two bills, the utility’s bill will have the charges related to transmission and distribution while the supply bill will only have the cost of the energy itself.

What if I have a power delivery problem, such as an outage? Who do I call?

While your local utility maintains responsibility for delivery of power to your facility including issues related to outages, Save Wave Energy is your single point of contact for supply and pricing inquiries. Please call your Energy Consultant directly or our main office at 888-487-5530 if you have any issues or questions.

If I choose an energy supplier, can I later switch to a different energy supplier or choose to go back to the utility’s bundled service?

Yes, when your contract expires, you may choose to switch to a new energy supplier or to go back to the utility’s bundled service.