As one of the nation's premier energy services firms, Save Wave Energy brings together experience, expertise, and technology to take the complexity out of energy planning, procurement, and management. Through its comprehensive scope of services, Save Wave Energy enhances operational efficiency and drives bottom line improvements for its clients.

Energy Procurement and Management

Save Wave Energy assists clients as they try to navigate and capitalize on opportunities presented by deregulated energy markets. By leveraging its energy expertise and extensive network of electricity and natural gas suppliers, Save Wave Energy is able to provide the most advantageous energy supply arrangement for the unique needs of every customer. Save Wave Energy's technology enabled sourcing platform ensures that its clients have access to the most competitive pricing available and that every supplier arrangement is optimized for all of the variables that affect the total cost of energy.

Save Wave Energy's transparent procurement process begins with a thorough understanding of each client's key objectives, including budget and risk management goals. Using this information, Save Wave Energy utilizes its proprietary sourcing platform to obtain the most optimal price and terms available in the market. After implementation, Save Wave Energy works with each client to efficiently manage its ongoing energy supply.

Save Wave Energy's transparent energy procurement and management process includes:

  • Initial energy consumption analysis
  • Identification of supplier candidates
  • Technology enabled RFP process
  • Seamless service transfer
  • Ongoing client support and market/regulatory monitoring

Markets We Service

Save Wave Energy assists clients of all sizes in a variety of markets, including:

  • Commercial & industrial
  • Small business
  • Municipalities and government agencies
  • Educational institutions
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Trade associations

The map below highlights our service offerings by state:

Budget and Usage Consulting

Crucial to any organization's energy procurement and management effort is a comprehensive financial plan. Save Wave Energy's Budget and Forecasting team has extensive experience evaluating energy usage and projecting future energy expenses. Using the most current delivery rates, contracted supply rates, and projected energy consumption, our team works with each client to develop a long term plan that is easily integrated with each business's overall budget and is complemented by Save Wave Energy's procurement and risk management services.

Strategic Risk Management

The main factors that affect energy markets include supply and demand, seasonal fluctuations, environmental complexities, and regulatory changes. We track all of these elements and work to understand their unique impact on each client's business. After obtaining an understanding of each client's risk profile and financial objectives, Save Wave Energy's Risk Management team will prepare an analysis that includes:

  • A historical overview of prior energy usage, costs, contracts and risk
  • An in-depth review of the energy industry including ongoing regulations, industry trends, market drivers along with the associated implications for the respective client
  • Thorough analysis of benefits, risks and costs for each strategic supplier that provides services to the client's region
  • A final proposal which includes recommended energy services, cost savings, and ongoing Save Wave Energy benefits

Our strategic risk management services are complimented by Save Wave Energy's procurement, budget and usage, and risk management services.

Market Intelligence

In an industry with constant pricing fluctuations and an evolving regulatory landscape, market intelligence and analysis is an integral part of managing risk and controlling costs. Save Wave Energy's Market Intelligence team tracks market issues, regulatory changes, and legislative developments to keep our clients informed of issues that may affect their organization's energy and sustainability programs and alerts them to ongoing opportunities to reduce their energy expenditure. These areas include:

  • Saving costs by highlighting best available regulated rates
  • Understanding the legislation of partially deregulated states and the associated procurement opportunities
  • Distinguishing energy efficient initiatives commissioned by the federal government
  • Effective compliance procedures with a constant monitoring of federal and state laws

Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Energy

We not only want to reduce our clients' energy costs, we want to do it responsibly. We offer a full range of services that assist our clients in achieving their sustainability objectives. As part of our Sustainable Energy Initiative, we offer carbon-footprint consultations as well as assistance in the pursuit of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and LEED Certification. Through a focus on sustainable energy, we're able to provide responsible solutions that benefit our clients and the earth.

Lighting Retrofitting

Lighting accounts for the vast majority of the consumption in most commercial and institutional facilities. The cost to light most commercial facilities accounts for approximately 1/3 to 1/2 of a facility's monthly electrical expense. Retrofitting to more energy-efficient lighting can create significant savings immediately and is the first place a business owner or facility manager should examine.

Save Wave Energy is committed to helping all commercial building owners and facility managers assess their current lighting situation and to create a plan to improve the efficiency, cut waste and reduce the expense of lighting your facility. Contact us today for a lighting analysis.

HVAC Retrofitting

HVAC systems are the largest energy users in most commercial and institutional facilities. As such, they represent the consumption and waste of thousands of dollars annually to many organizations. HVAC systems vary in their particular application, but share many common characteristics. By focusing on the largest areas of waste, a business owner and/or facility manager can achieve significant energy savings and an outstanding return on investment.

Save Wave Energy's HVAC retrofit measures are focused on:

  • Improving the efficiency of old HVAC equipment by upgrading to new, more efficient equipment
  • Reducing waste with intelligent controls
  • Retrofitting motors with variable-speed drives (VSDs) and variable-frequency drives (VFDs)
  • Reducing heating and cooling waste within large spaces with High Volume/Low Speed (HVLS) technology